First Workshop (Online) in Need Assessment Workshop series titled “Crafts, Tourism and the Pandemic - Gauging the Current Status” on 16th March 2021 for Handicrafts (Bone and Horn) and Handlooms (Tie and Dye), Jodhpur by Jodhpur City Knowledge and Innovation Cluster (JCKIC) in collaboration with NIFT Jodhpur and IIT Jodhpur

When the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in nationwide lockdowns and the closure of international borders, craft producers have been affected adversely and face numerous challenges in this crucial recovery period when we return to a semblance of normalcy. Given the restrictions on movement necessitated by the pandemic, it is also essential to (re)kindle relationships between various stakeholders in Project CRAFT, ranging from researchers and administrators to the craft communities. Craft producers are internally differentiated and diverse –Localized approaches, particularly in the context of the craft communities, are many a times prove more effective than broad policy directives as their problems can be very specific to the type of craft and the overall community involved in it.

In order to discuss these issues, a Workshop series on Need Assessment of various craft communities has been initiated under the aegis of Jodhpur City Knowledge and Innovation Cluster. The objective of these workshops is to understand these challenges and develop a plan for identifying local needs and resources that can help understand how to improve these communities in the most logical and efficient ways possible.

Jodhpur City Knowledge & Innovation Cluster in collaboration with NIFT, Jodhpur, and IIT, Jodhpur organized its first workshop on 16 March 2021 in Hybrid mode at IIT Jodhpur. In this first workshop, Craft artisan Mr Jakie Hussain and team, Bone & Horn Cluster and Mr Mohammad Ishaq and team, Tie & Dye Cluster of Jodhpur participated, and showcased their wide range of handmade products and their processing, also highlighted the issues and challenges faced by them, and asked for possible design, technological and marketing interventions JCKIC stakeholders can provide to help them sustain.

Prof Santanu Chaudhury, Director, IIT Jodhpur &PI, JCKIC, highlighted the importance of design interventions, technology interventions, marketing and promotion. He expressed that JCKIC and its stakeholders need to help these Craft Clusters. Dr. Prasenjit gave an overview on the objectives of the present workshop. The CRAFT project team of JCKIC including Dr. Sankalp Pratap ,Dr. Kaamya Sharma, Dr. Prasenjit, Dr. Preeti Tiwari, Dr. Parichay Patra, Dr. Pratibha Peshwa Swami and Shri Arun Khandelwal were present in the workshop. Prof Vijaya Deshmukh, Director, NIFT Jodhpur and Principal Investigator of Project CRAFT of JCKIC Mr Kuldeep Kothari, Rupayan Sansthan, Mr. Praveen Kansara, PaniPuri Soft Limited and Prof Sampat Raj Vadera, Head, Department of Physics & Co-PI JCKIC also attended the workshop and expressed their views in the Workshop.

Future workshops in this series will focus various other craft clusters of the region wherein the project team and core committee members will interact with the respective craft communities.

Glimpse of the event: