Request for Proposal document for Project CRAFT of Jodhpur City Knowledge and Innovation Foundation at the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur



Jodhpur City Knowledge and Innovation Foundation (JCKIF), promoted by the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur (IIT Jodhpur) is desirous of creating a digital platform which will facilitate display, promotion and sale of craft objects originating in and around Jodhpur.

The project aims to create an AR-VR based web archive and e-commerce platform that directly connects the craft clusters to buyers across India and the world.

The project is unique in its approach - through numerous craft stories, on one hand, and cutting edge technologies on the other, it strives to bring the crafts persons and the patrons close to each other, rather than just being an impersonal or exoticized commercial transaction.


Desirable Features of the target software

The digital platform will consistently follow protocols and principles aimed at benefit of the craftsmen in and around Jodhpur while maintaining the interests of end consumers.

  • >The website should facilitate development of intimacy / connect between craftsmen and visitors.
  • > Provide simple navigation for consumers enhancing their intention to purchase
  • > Explain functional utility of various craft objects for the consumer
  • > Provide detailed information to ‘visitors’ helping them to appreciate the labour and nuance that goes into craft production
  • > Provide updated information to consumers about orders placed


Use Cases

The visitor should be able to choose between ‘tourist’ / ‘buyer’ / ‘researcher’ mode at the landing page. While these modes will draw upon the same master database, the ordering of information presentation will differ. A user will be presented with VR/AR experiences as he navigates through the web space visiting different craft clusters and examining their products. Representative use cases are listed below.

1. Tourist seeking online tour of Jodhpur craft clusters : A ‘tourist’ will be virtually taken through craft clusters detailing various aspects of their life, work and output.

2. Buyers seeking purchase of craft objects: A ‘consumer’ on the other hand will be provided information through meaningful purchase categories like Home Décor, Stationery, Gifts, Apparel, Accessories. Buyers will be able to reach to a finer list of options where choice can be made through filters of Price, colour etc. Upon narrowing down to the object for purchase, the story of the object and the related craftsman will also be displayed

4. Researcher seeking data and collaborations – Detailed information about craft clusters with academic references, blogs, interviews and option to engage in research oriented explorations will be provided with the availability of relevant data.


Description of Tasks

The proposed project involves outsourcing of the following three components for which proposals are being invited.

Data collection:

Capture high resolution pictures, 3D models and videos across 5 craft clusters in and around Jodhpur. Pictures of approximately 100 craft objects including 40 in 3D format will need to be captured. Additionally, high resolution videos of the manufacturing process and the way of life in craft clusters will need to be captured


Create a brand of the initiative, which includes name, logo, and web URL.

The web platform needs to offer a best-in-class user interface, and a frictionless user experience to the end-users and the other stakeholders such as artisans, logistics partners, etc.


The core AR/VR platform will be integrated with a secure web platform for e-commerce to be developed on Shopify or Magento or any other world-class e-commerce platform. Support for net banking, credit, and debit cards, and UPI payments are required.


The system should have scope for it being developed into a complete metaverse of crafts of Rajasthan.

Submit your detail proposal for development of the complete system. Include basic design of key features. Describe methodology to be followed for Data Collection, Design and Development of modules including past experience and related samples, proposed timelines and price quotation (including AMC for one year) on or before 3rd March 2022 by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Price quotation to be submitted in a separate password protected .pdf file. At appropriate time in the process, the password will be sought