Keeping in view the requirements of city of Jodhpur and the region around the city of Jodhpur, the following are the objectives of the Jodhpur City Knowledge and Innovation Cluster:
  1. To work out and put in place the mechanisms and processes to facilitate the interactions amongst the participating institutes and industries in the Jodhpur region.
  2. To prepare status report on the areas identified under the purview of JCKIC and specify relevant gaps in the knowledge/ technology. These reports will indicate that how the current and emerging technologies such AI, ML, IoT, 5G, industry 4.0, etc. can be leveraged in finding the reliable, effective and long-term solutions for the current and future problem of the region.
  3. To form working groups from amongst academia, R&D, industry and government agencies to formulate proposals in the areas of interest and process them with the funding agencies.
  4. To plan and execute specialized short-term courses, training programs, workshops and other human resource development activities to help young students and entrepreneurs to develop their skill sets and enhance the prospects of employability.
  5. To set up Common Facilities Centre (CFC) to help in the process of innovation and translation of the technology to prototyping and product as well as to extend the services to the start-ups and industries for quality and reliability assessment of their products.
  6. Regular interaction and engagement with government agencies through meetings and brainstorming sessions to apprise them of new technologies for the improvement of overall governance.
  7. To organize scientific workshops for ensuring exchange of ideas and sharing of results of research outcomes among the researchers belonging to the city cluster as well as outside agencies.
  8. To organize educational programmes for teachers and students of various institutes both at school and college levels in & around the city of Jodhpur to enhance the quality of education in the region.