JCKIF Showcased at Prometeo 2024, IIT Jodhpur, Technical and Entrepreneurial Festival

Prometeo 2024 marks the fourth installment of IIT Jodhpur's National Technical and Entrepreneurial Festival 19th January to 21st January 2024. Deriving its name and vision from the Greek fore-thinker “Prometheus”, who imparted the knowledge of technology and civilization to humanity, Prometeo aspires to elevate innovation, channeling creative ideas towards an enhanced impact at the forefront of progress. It features a dynamic blend of talks, workshops, and competitions that immerse participants in the vast world of emerging technology. In an age marked by formidable challenges confronting humanity, Prometeo aims to foster collaboration and nurture a community of innovators contributing to the world’s technological prowess to overcome, for its ultimate goal is to elevate, transform and conquer. Events included Robo Wars, Game Jam, Drone Racing, Business Darbaar, Robo Soccer, RC Plane Show, Tech Trivia, Wired IOT, BIZ Quiz, Pitch It. Ideathon and Innovation Challenge.

During the prometeo Jodhpur City Knowledge & Innovation Foundation showcased the handicraft & handloom products and demonstrated about the e –commerce platform and also about how JCKIF is infusing technology in crafts to support livelihood of unorganized craft sector.