Masters, PhD and Masters-PhD Programs in Medical Technologies Jointly offered by IIT Jodhpur & AIIMS Jodhpur

Aims to provide a common platform for doctors and engineers fostering knowledge sharing and innovation leading to development of indigenous healthcare devices and systems through the process of incubation and entrepreneurship



Student Research and Product Development Areas in Medical Technologies Programs

  • Oral care devices and aesthetic crowns for pediatric patients,
  • Customizable alternatives to Metallic Maxillofacial implants,
  • Neonatal Transport Incubators,
  • Machine Learning Classifiers for Disease Diagnosis,
  • Point of care devices for screening/triage of Tuberculosis and blood group antigen detection,
  • Nano Sensor for early Diagnosis of Fungal Diseases,
  • Light activatable biomimetic nanoparticles for Chemo-Phototherapy,
  • Mixed Reality for Surgery, Bio-printed Graphene integrated collagen membrane,
  • AI & Robotics assisted Hybrid Ultrasound Image Acquisition System,
  • Prevention/Control of Bedsores/Pressure Ulcers in ICU/CCU,
  • Three-Dimensional Bioprinting effective cartilage regeneration etc.

MSc in Digital Humanities (By IIT Jodhpur)