Water and Environment

Technology intervention for clean drinking water, wastewater management, air pollution analysis for mitigation measures

Initiatives taken

Clay Ceramic Water Filters named “G–Filters”

To reach the lowest strata of the economic pyramid with a simple viable accessible option for drinking water solution for small households in areas with no piped water infrastructure.

Water Purification in Rural Schools

To cater to customized state of art technology to far flung resource poor and areas with specific water contamination

Smart Graded-Water Supply Grid at IITJ Campus

Develop and demonstrate AIoT enabled Smart Graded-Water Supply Grid at IIT Jodhpur (1MLD) and deliver graded water supply

Advanced Wastewater Treatment at Sangaria CETP, Jodhpur

To provide the Jodhpur city and its common effluent plant with the most sustainable and integrated water management solution

Carbon Capture from Exhaust Gas using Algae

To provide industries with state of the art indigenous carbon capture technology for being ESG compliant and within limits of emission norms

Point-of-use and on-line coliforms sensors for smart water management

Detection of Coliforms, Fluoride and Biochemical Oxygen Demand

National Jal Jeevan Mission Professor Chair

Setting up of JJM-Professor Chair on 'Sustainability of drinking water sources' in IIT Jodhpur for research, training, innovation, outreach, capacity building, academic programs

MOU with RPCB, Nagar Nigam and Project Execution on Source Apportionment Studies

We are executing a project on Source apportionment study, Emission Inventory and Carrying capacity for Kota city, Rajasthan

Hazardous Solid Waste Management

To verify the annual inventory (for Jodhpur and neareby areas) submitted by the RSPCB based on the annual returns submitted by hazardous waste generating & handling units