The Jodhpur City Knowledge and Innovation Cluster (JCKIC) is an initiative of the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) to the Government of India on the recommendation of the Prime Minister’s Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC) to create an Atmanirbhar Bharat through S&T.

It is one of the six Science and Technology (S&T) clusters set up across the country with an objective of (i) Creation of a shared ecosystem, (ii) Becoming a regional solution provider, (iii) Becoming nationally and globally competitive.

The main focus of the cluster is to provide a necessary platform to create synergy between all the stakeholders to make use of available knowledge as well as to develop advanced technologies, creative skills, state of the art infrastructure and innovative environment in an organized manner so as to ensure sustainable and systematic development of city of Jodhpur.

The cluster is working towards effective intervention of knowledge, technology and innovation for the society at large and industry and governance in particular. Further, the cluster is also providing platform to the young entrepreneurs to work on their new and innovative ideas. In the long run the cluster is going to be a self-sustaining unit through Jodhpur City Knowledge and Innovation Foundation (JCKIF), a section 8 company established to facilitate and sustain the functioning of Jodhpur Cluster.


“To enable innovation for accelerated growth of local industry, to generate new initiatives in entrepreneurship and develop solutions for the critical problems of the city of Jodhpur and areas around”

The cluster is a collaborative network of a large pool of institutes dealing with academics (covering different domains including science & technology, healthcare, law, police, ayurveda, agriculture, fine arts, fashion design, footwear design, engineering, social science, humanities, ecology etc.), R&D institutes affiliated to all major organizations of the country including DRDO, ICAR, ISRO, ICMR, Forest Research, etc., and highly skill oriented MSMEs having strong elements of innovation and entrepreneurship.



Forming working groups from amongst academia, R&D, industry and government agencies

Status Report of finding reliable, effective and long-term solutions for the current and future problem of the region

Execute specialized short-term courses, training programs, workshops for young students and entrepreneurs

Set up Common Facilities Centre (CFC)

Regular interaction and engagement with government agencies

Organize scientific workshops for exchange of ideas and sharing of research outcomes among the researchers

Enhance the quality of education in the region by organizing educational programmes for teachers and students

Solution Driven R&D Thematic Areas

The cluster is focusing on solution Driven R&D Thematic Areas (verticals) initiatives with National Missions of Government of India like